By The Way – 9

As I stood in the kitchen, wondering if I should speak to “Big Star” (term used sarcastically) something flicked into my brain.

What impelled me to move was that if I mentioned to my friends that I had seen him, they would ask what he said or where he was working, and my answer would be; “I hid in the kitchen”.

Taking a deep breath I walked to where he sat, pasted a friendly look on my face and greeted him.

He looked at me with this ‘how dare you disturb me’ expression, then began to recognise me.

I told him my name, reminded me where we had met, and he became a bit warmer.

He asked me what I was doing.  I was dressed in my chef’s uniform and before I could speak, he made this smug expression.  I could almost hear his glee that I failed as an actor and had to grab a job in a kitchen.

I didn’t tell him I owned the restaurant.   I didn’t tell him how successful I was.  

Proving I could act, I nervously said, “Have to get back…” and returned to the kitchen.

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Written by Chef Lee

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