By The Way – 8

I had been an extra in a show that he, this man who had a highly inflated image of himself, had  appeared on.

They had introduced a new character  this man we called “Big Star”, (sarcastically behind his back) was  brought in for a few episodes with the possibility of being contracted for more.

I had never been an extrovert so had stayed in the background, letting my friends, the actual stars of the show, introduce themselves.  He looked at them as if they were potting soil.

This man, “Big Star”  made himself despised by everyone on both sides of the camera.  When his contract was up it was not renewed.  He hadn’t appeared on any television show, in any movie since that day.  

He must know his attitude was the problem, and I wondered if he had changed.

So standing in the kitchen of my restaurant, I looked at him, wondering if I should speak or not.

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Written by Chef Lee

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