By The Way – 7

During the years following, I moved on to other things.   

My friends were into acting so went from one show to another. Sometimes  they invited me along to appear as third from the right with one line or gesture.    If I had time or was interested, I’d do it, but most times I was far too bsuy.

“Big Star”,  who was dropped from his last chance,  faded into oblivion and was never thought of or mentioned save as an example of “How Not to Behave”  or “What Not To Do.”

Then, I saw him in my restaurant.

A decade had passed and there he was, as pretentious as ever, marching before people who had  never seen him or cared to.

If he were anyone else, an old school friend or neighbor, I’d have rushed out to greet him.  But because it was him, ‘Big Star’,  I hung back.

He had always made me feel uncomfortable and uncertain.  

I didn’t realise how uncomfortable and uncertain until I stood there, in my own restaurant,  almost ‘afraid’ to approach him.

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Written by Chef Lee

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