By The Way – 5

Big Star, as my friends called him, had ‘proclaimed’  he would be at West End, a really nice club at the west of the city where  the show was filmed.

When we got into the cars that evening,  we began driving East.   My friends were cracking up, laughing and imitating him.

As they were the stars, and I was just an extra, who was on and off the set,  I really didn’t know what was going on.  

On the way East, (for my friends had no intention of being caught dead where ‘Big Star’ was)  I learned the next episode would be his last.

He  had been signed to a short contract for four episodes with an option for four more.  The option was not going to be exercised.  

The writer had written the exit and Big Star would see it when the scripts were handed out tomorrow.

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Written by Chef Lee

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