Building a quad from Spare parts

Hello everyone. Sorry I have not been been posting much I lost my Drone like a month ago now and I have been so lost but now I found something that might fit me better I am building my own drones now the video above is just the start of it I’m still waiting on parts just like waiting on money so I can get the parts lol. I started this last week and now I’m working on another one just to keep myself busy till more parts come in I will show the start of that one in the future to come. I still fly my Phantom3 Standard it’s a kick but here is the cool thing I’m doing more of everyone knows about the Tello Drone by Ryze? Well I’m flying this fpv for those of you that don’t know what fpv is it’s First person view. I have some video on that as well I will give you this link to my Channel . 

This link comes from my channel and like a sneak peak of how I fly the Tello Drone fpv.

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