Brandon Lee and The Crow

Monday, February 27, 2023

Energetic reading on Brandon Bruce Lee, born on February 1, 1965 and he died on March 31, 1993. He is the son of the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee. He died during the filming of a dark movie, The Crow. He was said to die of being shot in the domestic. But he was likely a ritual sacrifice. He was 28 when he died. When he was eight, his father, Bruce Lee, had died at 33.

He wanted to be his own person, as well as he was rebellious. He didn’t want others to control him. The movie, The Crow, is very dark cultish and ritualistic, and a crow is a messenger who walks between dimensions. Crows go to the astral level to get information.

When a crow appears in one’s life, it means that you need to redirect your life.

He wanted to go into a different direction in his life, but he had signed a contract that he couldn’t get out of.

He was born into a family who were metaphysically bound to do certain things. Both sides of the family had the same binding, which is how his parents got together. He wanted to move into a different path in his life.

There were others, behind the scenes, controlling the situations. Actors are puppets, controlled by strings by different people who they work for. They have to obey like slaves, or the puppet’s strings will suddenly, abruptly, and intentionally be cut to end the puppet’s life.

He wanted to free himself and his soul, but he ended up being ritualistically sacrificed.


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