Beltane Pagan Celebration

Monday, 5.6.20

Today, I felt like watching something different. I first saw something about this Beltane on instagram. So, I decided to check it out, even though I have heard about it in the past. It is a pagan religion, worshipping nature and goddesses and gods. I think it is Wiccan or similar to Wiccan. They probably perform witchcraft, but more like white magic. 

I remember decorating homes in Yoworld and IMVU with this theme. My current Yoworld avatar is still wearing her Fairy outfit. I decorated a fairytale nature theme with fairies, orbs, tree home, caves, and surrounded with greenery, flowers, and colorful crystals. 

#1 5 PAGAN TRADITIONS: How the Ancients Celebrated Beltane

  • Cattle Spell—to protect their livestock
  • Sacrifices and burnt offerings—burning an animal for their pagan gods. SICK!
  • Appeasement of the fairies—dance around bonfire to protect from fairies.
  • Courtship and marriage—collecting flowers when they become of age for a future spouse.
  • Maypole—harness divine fertility. I remember when I was in grade school, there was a playground game called Maypole, which is similar because kids would sing and go around a maypole, holding hands, similar to a ritual. I thought it was a weird childhood game, even though I didn’t really understand it or didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.

#2 Simple Beltane Ritual

This video describes a Beltane ritual. This is like witchcraft, but a pagan ritual, worshipping nature, goddesses, gods, and mother earth. It sounds like Wiccan. Who the fuck believes in fairies? I think fairies are fictional and fantasy characters.

As I watch this, I realize the tradition about throwing a coin into a fountain and making a wish is a pagan tradition, embedded in society as something fun and light.

#3 Beltane – How to Celebrate

It is usually celebrated on May 1st or May Day, but sometimes on April 30th, for new beginnings during springtime for pagans. Crystals are important for rituals.

Man in Green? I remember seeing a Green Nature Man in some movies, which looks like the Jolly Green Giant in a commercial.

Ritual altar is put together. I have seen this in various religions and cultures.

May Basket is similar to an Easter Basket for kids. She adds that Easter is for normal people, which is similar.

This also reminds me of the movie, Midsommar, which is weird and cultish, as well as the old movie, The Wicker Man. 

Hand Fasting is a form of marriage in the UK. I guess a pagan marriage.


What do you think?

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