Anthony Bourdain Channeled Via Cards

Saturday, October 30, 2021

This is another reading to channel Anthony Bourdain via tarot cards. He reiterates that he didn’t commit suicide, and he is still trying to get used to being on the other side because he wasn’t ready to die. A woman was very angry at him because he wanted to expose her and what she is doing. I think it is very obvious that it is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary hired 3 male agents to silence him via death. FBI or CIA? They looked like Russian agents. He was being followed for a long time. They used his depression feelings to use it as a cover up for his murder by announcing it was a suicide.

This woman and her people? Hillary and the Deep State? They were trafficking and abusing children, and he couldn’t bear it. They were an organized crime. He wanted to expose them. He wanted to go public with his journalists.

Pedophilia business has been going on for thousands of years, involving most of the 1% Elites, government, church, and monarchy.

It is very dangerous to speak about all this right now. But I think we can make it more common to talk about by exposing it on the internet.

He was putting his life back together. As he was healing his depression and everything else, they killed him.

The pedophilia is passed on through generations. Parents pass it on to their children. Entire families are involved, and they keep a Code of Silence for abusing children so they can become more powerful and wealthy.

They look for people’s weakness before they kill them so they can cover up the murder with a so-called suicide based on the victim’s issues, even though their victim would never consider committing suicide.

Whistleblowers should have solid proof, such as video footage, to expose these satanic pedo motherfuckers. Keep your information private unless you are aligned with big organizations or groups that can protect you in numbers.

He misses his life on earth a lot because he misses his family and friends. He likes David Icke and his work on exposing all this.


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