Annoying Celebrity Promotions for their Agenda

Tuesday, 6.21.22

Distractions continue on television and internet, regardless where you are watching the bullshit. Shitty celebrities promote their new movies via chaos and disruptions as well as entertaining staged bullshit. 

Amber Turd/Depp trial was obviously staged because Amber’s side didn’t even make sense, and her lawyers couldn’t prove her lies. She also sucks as an actress, at 36, and she looks fat and plain-looking now. I have never heard of her until this trial, and I don’t know what she looked like before, when she was younger, in which I am sure she was young, thin, and better looking. So, even her looks during her youth didn’t help her acting career. Now, at 36, she is fat, plain, and with a surrogate baby. She continues her bullshit tour doing interviews and other publicity tactics. 

Other actors are erupting in public to promote their new movie, Will Smith and Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is in the new Elvis movie. 

Moreover, Ethan Hawke is promote his new movie, The Black Phone, which is about child abduction and missing children, which is likely to be about pedophilia and child abuse. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who have been living in Greece as Greek citizens so that pedophile Tom can escape arrest in USA, have now been spotted in NYC together.  (Tom Hanks looks very thin. It could also be his younger brother, who looks exactly like him).

Will Roe vs Wade be reversed by the court? The deep state want it reversed badly. The dark cult will stage riots all over big cities in USA, similar to the past BLM and Antifa shit…and, I am sure that Amber Turd will be promoting similar bullshit for the Roe vs Wade reversal.

False news about the Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. It is likely to be his younger brother, pretending to be Tom Hanks. It is all about deep state dark cult lies promoted to the masses for distractions from what’s really going on; other distractions include Depp/Heard trial, and Amber Turd’s continual promotional bullshit to do interviews, wanting to appeal verdict until her death, and etc. Meanwhile, Amber Turd and her sister Whitney were recently spotted at the TJ Maxx in the Hamptons, doing a lot of shopping.

Unique reason for their promotions? Part of it is bullshit and small part is truth. They will reveal the lies and truth later, used to fool the masses.

Roe vs Wade? They won’t be able to pull off their chaotic plans and riots. The dark cult group have been taken apart, and they won’t be able to achieve what they really want to do for martial law and New World Order. Dark cult = Zionist Kabal = Illuminati = Ashkenazi.

Fake news continues to create gossip and innuendo to instill fear into the masses. They are faking it until they make it; they aren’t being supported by anyone, and they can only create minimal damage because people are waking up to the bullshit.


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