Annoying Actors Promoting BS & Ranting During Lockdown

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Following the white rabbit as you watch certain videos about Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Chet Hanks, and David Spades. The question is where is Roger Rabbit, I mean Tom Hanks? He is doing his weird promotions in Australia, claiming him and his wife got the corona-thing. Why even make a big deal about a minor virus, making to encourage the idiots out there to accept the toxic vaccines, which now is stated to have Tom, Rita, and Madonna’s blood in it? He pops in here and there, promoting the corona-thing, like it is a new must-have product. Rita starts acting weird, posting messages on Instagram, telling people to call a number. She even attempts at rapping, at her age. And, for someone who is supposedly sick, she looks good. I think she looks better when she is sick than when she was healthy. Maybe she needs to get sick more often. It might improve her career. Then, that fucktard Chet Hanks goes on his weird rants on the internet, probably trying to promote his rapping career. Does he really have a music career or is this just his lame hobby? Tom’s friends join him in his promo tour, such as Madonna, David Spades, and other pathetic celebrity idiots do their weird ranting, which doesn’t make even sense to me. That is why I am posting this video for this Youtuber to explain this crap. What a retard…he wears a suit during lockdown, and he claims he forgot how to button his jacket. Maybe he is at the age of senility.

Moreover, this video claims they are using CGI on these sucky actors to promote their shit. Face it, Tom has aged a lot, and he has lost probably most of his fan club. I only liked his work in Bosom Buddies and Sleepless in Seattle. If actors suck in movies, then they end up doing commercials and publicity stunts for promotions.

Marina in CGI?

There is a clip of Isaac Kappy stating that Stephen Spielberg is a pedophile, which isn’t surprising because I believe he knew exactly what happened to Heather O’Rourke, whether he was involved or not. He also states that Tom Hanks is a pedophile. That is probably why Isaac Kappy is now dead. I have seen one or two videos of his, but it was too long, and his rants get on my nerves.

I checked out Brooke Shields’ Instagram page, and she is currently getting ready for the Met Gala 2020, in which is theme has to do with May 1st, which is May Day, the day for Wiccan Celebration. She was wearing a long black dress. I wonder if she will wear a pointy hat.


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