And Comes the 4th Generation – 1

The ‘manager’ of Miriam House was gravely ill.  She had taken to her bed a month after gaining the post. Miriam House had been created as a home for members of the congregation who were ill or indigent.

Over the years the Board of Directors decided to rent the rooms to ‘students’ and turned the place into a Dorm.  They hired a manager but kept the authority for themselves.

Selma Rashford Grindley had been hired to fill the post.  She was competent for the first month, then took to her bed.  She had been  she had been tended by the woman who was hired and paid by the Board to clean the dorm rooms.

As Selma deteriorated,  she asked the cleaner to call her son, Joe.

Joe hadn’t seen his mother since Christmas and it was now Easter.

He didn’t want to go  as he had resented his mother since he was ten years old.  He resented her because she was Selma Rashford Grindley,was the daughter of David Rashford, granddaughter of multi-millionaire, Edward Rashford.

When he had learned how rich his Great Grandfather had been, what his father had owned, he couldn’t understand what happened to his ‘fortune’, and blamed his mother.

Blamed his mother for the loss of the ‘Family Fortune’ unaware that most of what she had inherited was debt.

The money that had supported Joe when he was a child came from his father, who left his mother, and died shortly after, leaving his Insurance money.   Selma had gained small monthly allowances to maintain him.

By the time Joe was eighteen, there was little money left.

He blamed his mother.


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