Analysis of Bob Saget's Death

Monday, March 21, 2022

This video notes that the final police report about Bob Saget’s death. And the cause of Bob’s death keeps changing, probably to confuse people from figuring out the truth, which is likely an actual hit caused by a blow to a head.

It was noted in other videos that he was exposing the truth about his life because he wanted to make things right to clear things about his life. But most celebrities are famous because of the “contract” they signed. And he was aware that he will die soon because he was aware what he was doing.

Therefore, from this video, it is obvious that he was murdered in his hotel room by some blow to the back of his head from some hitman hired to silence him.

It also appears that one of the Olsen twins was involved in Bob Saget’s death, just like one of the Olsen twins was involved in Heath Ledger’s murder. There are women with her who are child handlers for pedophilia. 


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