Analysis of 4 Speeches…

A Communication Professor analyzes four famous mens’ speech to explain effective communication tips to the public. But I think all four men appear very controlled, carefully planning each answer or speech to promote a particular message to their niche. 

The first two appear positive. The third one is obviously hiding something. And, the fourth one is all about business.

I don’t trust any of them. Actors are full of shit. And, the other two aren’t much different. It is all about making money. 

#1 Communication Professor’s Reaction to Ashton Kutcher’s Speech for Teen Choice Award

The first one is on Ashton Kutcher, whose real name is Chris Ashton Kutcher. He is now trying to connect with young people by telling them that he is ‘real’ like them. He tells them to be smart because it is what really makes you sexy. He appears to promote a positive message to young people. He tells them to create the world they want to live in.


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