American military most expensive combat aircraft F-35 crashes

The American military modern and most expensive F-35 fighter has crashed in South Carolina. American military officials have said that the plane was on a training flight, Crashed near the Marine Corps Air Force station in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Spokesman for the US Department of Defense Pentagon has said that pilot  was successful pull out through the parachute before the crash.According to the spokesman, pilot is being examined when investigations have been started to know the causes of the accident.

US media quotes military officials claiming that the crashed aircraft was ‘F-35B’ produced by US company ‘Lockhead Martin’ Which is capable of flying from very short runway and can land as like helicopter.

US Army started operational use of the ‘F-35’  in 2006, Since then, it is the first crash to the plane, According to officials, it is also the first incident of ‘flying’ that pilot eject during flying. It is in the world’s most expensive warriors. This plane is capable of being protected from Radar’s capture.

American company ‘Lockhead Martin’ is producing three types of  ‘F-35’ planes, In which the ‘F-35A’ fly like normal aircraft and ‘F-35C’ is being prepared to fly from ships. The US military used the first ‘F-35B’ to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan this week, and this was the first experience of the US military to use this aircraft in the war. Pentagon has given a contract to this  company for more 141 ‘F-35’ combat aircraft worth $ 11 billion.


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