A Short Musing of a Proud Mother

My daughter started school today. She’s a year and ten months and it still feels just like yesterday I brought her home from the hospital.

I’m still so excited and remember how much time I took packing and repacking her launch box. She looked so cute today in her school uniform ( if I should say so myself) which I made,  by the way and I could feel my heart practically about to explode with love and pride.

I still catch myself staring at her in amazement sometimes,  marveling, at the fact she’s mine. I can’t believe I was counted worthy enough to be gifted such a priceless gift.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes as you read,  but I can’t help my intense love for my child. Lol.

She can be a handful sometimes and drive me up the wall with some of her ways,  but in the end I love her unconditionally.  Guess that’s a mother’s love for you.

Thanks for reading the musings of a proud mother and for reading it to the end. Lol. God bless you.


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Written by Muobo