A Quiet Sunday

Sunday, 6.21.20

I went to a 10am Yoga at the Park meetup for one hour. Sunday was very peaceful and quiet. There weren’t even any BLM rallies outside. There were just birds tweeting, and dogs playing in the park with their human family.

Back at home, I decided to make a bowl of oatmeal cereal. Then, I entered IMVU to notice I received a Father’s Day home. It is actually a backyard with a wooden deck that has a jacuzzi, lounge chairs, and benches, as well as a sauna. But the sauna is just for looks. My avatar cannot enter it. She can only sit in the jacuzzi as well as on the benches and lounge chairs. It is amidst a dark forest area with flat mossy grass and lots of trees. But there is still room to add some items on the grass, such as my own picnic, chairs, BBQ, etc.

I changed my avatar’s clothes into a green one-piece bathing suit, as well as changing her hair from neon pink jagged edgy bob to a henna red fashionable bob. She modeled her outfit and the new backyard hangout in 10 snapshots.

I should have done this modeling when I had another avatar visiting my place so it will look like social interaction. 

But, I guess, she is meditating by herself today.

Her area looks peaceful. I should have added some pets.

I should have added sandals and some sunscreen and towels.

The sauna is just for looks, and it doesn’t have any benches inside.

She has a cute ass.


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