A Closer Look at Hillary Clinton & Gabby Petito

Thursday, September 30, 2021

More information about the crisis actors, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. They are being used in this psyop false flag because the campground location where they went for their so-called road trip has a dark history. 700 indigenous women went missing there. But no one talks about that. They are making a big deal about this botched bullshit story with this crisis actress instead. It is a botched false flag story for a bigger agenda, behind the scene, which is used as a staged distraction.

She was also involved in a music video, Irreplaceable, for the Sandy Hook false flag. Gabby was 14 at the time of that video.

Tarot card readings on Hillary Clinton and Gabby Petito.

In the Gabby Petito reading, there are no Moon card or Death card, which is a sign she is still alive somewhere, hiding out while the movie continues. Illusions and Smoke & Mirrors and hiding things. Manipulation of a situation to distract the public from something. Obvious false flag. No one died in this false flag. It was all about crisis actors with shitty acting skills to fool the public and keep them distracted.


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