7.22.20 new normal insights

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Someone mentioned that Victoria Australia is under lockdown until xmas.

Kelly Clarkson is getting divorce, or already got a divorce, like a care, but I am adding it for fun.

Altering people’s DNA? Probably sterilizing people.

Oregano oil in hot or cold water is supposed to be healthy. Put 2 drops in your cup of water.

Twin Flames is someone who is your other half, who tends to reflect on your own personality and qualites.

All sides are the same. It is all about dividing people in groups so that they will fight each other, whether political party, racial differences, other political issues, or sports team, but the list goes on and on. 

Alex Crowley tarot cards has astrological symbolism, although Alex Crowley was a satanist, and he is related to Barbara Bush. 

Yeah, I agree that some tarot cards have interested artwork. That is why I think Osho Zen cards have interesting surreal scenes. 


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