6.4.20 Modified Lockdown Insights

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The new normal is about different way of doing things and thinking. Many lies will be exposed.

Now, the media is claiming George Floyd died of Cornyflu, when he was actually murdered by police.  

Signs during eclipse:

Aries: money-related

Taurus: aggressive, fighting communications.

Gemini: tire yourself. Caught doing stuff. Challenged creatively.

Cancer: meet someone romantic.

Leo: creative event that is money making. It will take while to start.

Virgo: work and money

Libra: traveling cautiously after 16 days.

Scorpio: lots of sex

Sagittarius: let go of old ways.

Capricorn: telling people off. Tell people what they think.

Aquarius: work relationship.

Pisces: powerful friends and alliances.


What do you think?

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