6.24.20 New Normal Insights

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Australia is back in lockdown. China is in lockdown.

Mandatory mask inside buildings.

Comfortable sneakers and compression socks.

No cash to buy things sounds like some stores are moving towards cashless society.

People of color don’t have to wear a face covering? I think I will work on my tan.

(Jesus isn’t white or black. He was actually Middle Eastern, born in Palestine).

By election time, things will get crazy.

Drug dealers used a flip phone so they cannot be tracked.

When you download a health app, the government will track your information.

Solar moon is a solar chart. (I am not sure what that is, but it sounds interesting).

Mask or face covering means subservient slaves to the New World Order agenda.

(I still wear seatbelts when I drive because I feel they save lives).

Trump will win second term.

Aunt Jemima? I didn’t know she was a real person. I thought she was a fictional slave woman logo for maple syrup. It was created after the civil war. Yeah, it makes sense that the Zionist US government would start slavery because it is now 2020 and they are trying to enslave the whole earth under One World Government in Zionist Israel.

Coconut oil as beauty aid. Whiten teeth with coconut oil.

September 9th or October 31st will be the 2nd One World Lockdown., second wave of cornyflu.

Improve autoimmune disease issues, sleep enough, eat well, and take vitamins. Hydrate yourself all day.

Grabovoi numbers?

 Pile 1: got ideas about work, but got distracted and you lost focus. Focus on your own life, not other people. Open yourself up and call about a job. You are waiting for a job. You have the ability to get whatever you are after. Someone is trying to get your attention, but you are distracted. Allow the love to come into your life and stop blocking them.

Pile 2: change coming within 5 weeks, or in September. In 4 months, more changes. Opportunities. Clear body and energy. Reunite with someone. You cannot change him.

Pile 3: love decisions to make. Spiritual related. Addictions and immaturity. Alone or with someone? Don’t pick someone weaker or lower level than yourself. Find someone your level. Make sure he is sincere. There is a third party. Take charge of the situation.


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