6.22.20 New Normal Insights

Monday, June 22, 2020

The new normal mannequins at the mall look like ghosts. I prefer the mannequins with faces and wigs because they look more realistic and fashionable. 

TikTok app

On your iPhone, go to Settings-> Privacy -> Health to see the Covid Tracker. I checked on my iPhone, and mine is empty of any apps. I don’t have any Covid Tracker app.

All the models in the 80s were snorting cocaine to be very thin.

Mirrors in bathrooms are portals.

Prepare for a 2nd lockdown in the near future, probably by the Halloween. Between September 9th and Halloween, they will start another Cornyflu Plandemic, the second wave of more house arrest.

Spiritual War continues.

All the people, who were so-called hanged themselves, were intentionally murdered.

Anthony Bourdain called out Hillary Clinton two weeks before he was found dead. The chef found him dead, which is a hint who actually killed him.

Robin Williams didn’t kill himself. When she channeled Robin, he didn’t know how he died. Someone killed intentionally killed.

Chester Bennington didn’t kill himself. Kurt Cobain, Kate Spade, were all murdered. Kate Spade knew it was coming. Anthony Bourdain was a chef for the cannibalistic elites. AVICCI was murdered, which is very obvious.

Red Hen Owner gave Anthony Hopkins tips about how to act in the movie, Silence of the Lambs about cannibalism.

It is noted that Steve Bing just committed suicide. But actually he was pushed off a building. I remember he had a kid with Elizabeth Hurley. He was on the of the Century City rooftop when he was pushed off.

Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. Bill married her because it was a business deal.

Dody’s father, Oueen Elizabeth, and doctor made a deal to check to see if Princess Di was a virgin, and they made a deal to take her out later. Dody’s father sold out his son Dody.


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