5.3.20 Lockdown Insights

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Scorpio full moon coming up…

What can people do in California during this One World Lockdown? Walking outside, do yoga outside, bike ride, virtual hiking and take snapshots, and meditate in nature. Or, play whatever you want in your own backyard. If you can afford it, then create your own home gym with treadmill and stationary bike. Skateboarding, rollerblading, and scootering. Therefore, create your own adventure.

She channeled Selena.

Holistic medicine and massage can be done in your home, one on one. (my cousin and her husband are into doing holistic massage. I have tired it at a bigger 24 Hour Fitness gym, and the German Holistic Masseuse was interesting.

Exercise cures anxiety issues, such as running up a hill, or walking briskly.

Pile 1:  someone moving out and moving away. Deciding to move forward and do something different. Reinvent your work. Reorganize. Make money in a different way. Make more money in a different way. Don’t fear change. Someone immature in their life, telling you not to do it.  Ignore them.

Pile 2: reassess your own beliefs. Many doors will open for you. Move through things you are going through. Accept how you feel, acknowledge it, and move forward. Redirect your thinking, and your choices will open up in a new direction. You will see things clearly in 3 to 6 weeks. A new way of life and new way of doing things. Big changes. Positive.

Pile 3: toxic female friend. Listen and step away. You are afraid this person will create problems. Someone will fuck with your money. Let go of fear, and speak your mind. You will be abundant. This toxic female is blocking your energy.


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