5.14.20 Lockdown Insights

Thursday, May 14, 2020

One of the Olsen twins is getting divorced.

Corona-thing is a plandemic, not a pandemic.

She has tarot cards, where the Asians in the deck have face masks. And, they are battling information.

Red and pink candles for love, and green, yellow, and orange candles for money.

Cleansing bath: Epsom salt or any salt, papaya leaves, black pepper pachuli, and dragon’s blood.  Or, wipe with Epsom salt, coconut oil and rosemary. Cinnamon is good for money.

Pile 1: need to make decisions. Taking a risk in a relationship. Information coming about the relationship. Wants to start something new, but doesn’t know what to do. You also want to have fun. You need patience and wait. You are thinking about taking off on an adventure.

Pile 2: you have a lot of information. It will balance out a situation. It will throw someone out of balance. You will speak about someone, which will be good for you, but bad for them. That person hasn’t told you the truth, which is why you called them out. Your situation will be reborn.

Pile 3: someone isn’t telling the truth about a relationship. They are trying to get something they want through flirting. You will learn about this person’s acts. Don’t be controlling. Let the situation unfold by observing. You are creating your own headaches by your own assumptions. Don’t think too much.


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