5.11.20 Lockdown Insights

Monday, May 11, 2020

Yeah, California has a lot of rattlesnakes, as well as other snakes, in local parks and residential neighborhoods.

She doesn’t think anything will be coming next, but they will continue doing the same bullshit to fuck with the public and terrorize everyone.

Kanye West is gay? He is called the “Gay Fish.”

As for the homeless situation everywhere, I feel there are in Fema Camps.

Bill Gates sent out mosquitoes out a couple of years ago. I remember that around 2016. It was weird.

Bill Gates and Ted Turner are a part of the depopulation agenda. It is listed in the Georgia Guidestones. I read it. It is like the 10 satanic commandments. Bill Gates is a needle rapist.

Sex magick involves cooking menstrual blood to attract a man? It sounds like spirit cooking.

Prince had a sex cult.

Energy for the week of May 10th to May 16th:

Pile 1: communication and ideas about building in their local environment. Ground rules to create ideas and moving forward with them. Political shit. Lockdown will likely happen again on October 31st.  List ideas and start working on it to help yourself become more productive. It is all about organizing your time and effort.

Pile 2: reassessing what you will doing in your life with certain people and with whom. Focus on each friend, whether toxic friend, good friend, and associates, and who you should rid from your life. Someone is competing with you. Don’t compete with them, especially a friend.

Pile 3: creating fights in your relationships. You need to change. It is a power struggle. Decided if you want to walk away or make it work. Darkest fear in this relationship. You have a hard time accepting what you see. Deal with it and move on from it.


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