40 Best Christmas Movies Ever ~ not all at the same time lol.

I may just do some binge watching to see if I agree with their list. I believe there are some of the 40 I have not seen and many that I have not seen for a long time. I don’t know why I always explain ranked list. Everyone can vote up and down and it changes the order of the list) So if you don’t think the one on top is the best vote it down. If you don’t think the one in the third spot belongs there and it is the best one, vote it up. No ones feelings are hurt. It’s just about what Christmas Movies are best. It’s okay if you choose not to vote, but it is not nearly as fun.

I probably won’t do all of them at the same time. that would be overwhelming don’t you think?

#5 It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

This show was all about a angel named Clarence, who came to show a man what life would have been for others if he had not been a part of it all. 

  1. I remember this movie since the PBS kids cartoon episode called “A World Without Wordgirl” had the same theme when Becky Botsford decided to quit being Wordgirl (her alter ego) when she had her birthday ruined by the Fair City villains. When her wish came true, one the villains named Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy became King Chuck and everyone had to obey his laws of eating sandwiches except on a birthday. This episode is one of the best ever in the series that ran from 2007-2015.


What do you think?


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