4.30.20 Lockdown Insights

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Prisons are now empty because prisoners are free, while everyone else is under One World Lockdown in Prison Planet. WTF? I am guessing they might use the prison as a Fema Camp. There are police on horses on the LA beach to arrest people who are hanging out on the beach.

Tom Hanks, Madonna, and Rita Wilson are donating their blood for vaccines.

Trolls on the internet harassing people.

Dr. Buttar and Dr. Shiva might be controlled opposition.

Sunlight, black tea, and apple cider vinegar fight flu systems. Aloe vera is also good for one’s body.

The only way to beat depression is to exercise. Yeah, I miss working out at the gym, yoga class, walking on treadmill, or stationary bicycle.

Experience for Each Sign for May 2020:

Aries: emotionally balancing your financial and emotional situation. Restructure foundation of belief system, while listen to others and remaining true to who you are. Use your wisdom and trust your intuition.

Taurus: want to do different things in May. Aligned in spiritual and psychic realms. Creative venture with spiritual pursuits. Earth energy going to spirit energy in May.

Gemini: start writing and keeping a journal. Reconcile with older relative. This is a sign for the writer. Write your book. You have luck and a message from ancestors. Information is coming from the other side. Feelings from the past.

Cancer: let go of what holds you back. Live in balance. Use communication. Observe what is around you.

Leo: expect the unexpected in May, maybe in work and a change in your environment where you work. Confidence and focus in work. Responsibility in work, where you will do more work.

Virgo: unexpected sudden change in a relationship or a sudden legal issue. You need more fun in your life. Be curious. You need balance and harmony.

Libra: communicative and inquisitive in sex, death and money. Meditate and open yourself up to the other side. Very intuitive. Release emotions.

Scorpio:  spiritual, metaphysical, and reproductive. Don’t know how to see yourself in May. Transform how you view yourself. Communication all over the place. Deciding who do communicate with. Optimism, grace and cooperation. Communicate your needs.

Sagittarius: ending relationship, whether partnership, friendship, or coworkers. Been there and done that, and ready to move on. Go forward in confidence and trust instincts. Be creative in communication.

Capricorn: karmic love relationship. Communicate. You will meet a soulmate, or you will recognize someone you know is a soulmate. Resourceful determination. Faith in the relationship.

Aquarius: ending of one creative venture and moving into another creative venture. February through August. Reinvent yourself. Creative purpose. Immediate change and magic.

Pisces: emotionally in tuned in everything around you. Freethinking. Envision yourself in a different way. Seclusive by hiding out to go into a different direction. Take action based on perception and fear. Calm perspective.

Therefore, for me, since I am a Leo with Gemini ascendant, Sagittarius descendent, and moon in Capricorn, I should expect the unexpected in my work in May. I need to be confident and focused in work because I will have more work to do. Moreover, I need to continue working on my third novel. Maybe get together with an older relative, but not sure who that is. I have luck, as well as a message from someone, maybe from family on the other side. I also have feelings from the past. I will end certain relationships because I want to move on. I should communicate creatively, before going forth with confidence and trusting my instincts. There will also be a karmic love relationship. I need to go out and communicate, and I will meet a soulmate. Use resourceful determination and faith in this relationship. Hmmm, interesting.


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