2nd day of Full Corn Moon

Wednesday, 9.2.20 (2nd day of Full Corn Moon)

Yesterday evening, I went on a relaxing walk through the hilly area of Turtle Rock Community. It was residential, but we took a detour up a long flight out steps towards the bottom of rocky Suicide Hill. By the time we arrived there, and by we, I mean 15 people in the group, it was getting dark. We noticed a big and bright orange full moon, known as Corn Moon in the sky. Since I was still wearing my Rayban sunglasses with brown-colored lens, my view actually looked dark. I left my eyeglasses in my car. The orange full moon looked nice. 

I had returned home at 9 pm, and I changed my invisalign pair to my 4th pair for the next two weeks. I am noticing and feeling subtle changes in my teeth, which is why it isn’t painful, but rather comfortable and tolerable. 

Last night, while I was lying down on my boho cushions in my living space room and watching TV, something got my attention at my right side, through the tall narrown window in the small foyer. Althought this narrow window was covered with off-white shutters, I notice a bright round full moon glowing through the window, and almost smiling at me. I just smiled back because it gave me a good feeling. 

I woke this Wednesday morning to the second day for this Full Corn Moon. I need to go to the mall to see if I can fix my iPhone6. I will probably check Spectrum Center first, before I go to South Coast Plaza. Fashion Island might be too expensive for me. I should get ready now…

I added a old snapshot of the bottom of Suicide Hill, taken during springtime. Now, the plants look like a dried up rustic brown-yellow color and the sky is getting dark. 


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