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Monday, January 3, 2022

For fun, I watched this astrology video for 2022. It probably won’t be accurate, but it is just for fun, because this guy is a little off. Plus, he keeps belching on camera, which is disgusting. Moreover, I will only blog about my own sign so that I can analyze if it appears accurate for me. (If you scroll down below the video, there are links to different astrological sign readings on this video).

2022 Horoscope reading for astrological sign LEO.

In January, Leo’s routine will be questioned and changed. You will change your overall life and whom you will associate with.

You will deal with a resentment in February. You will address negativity that you are currently holding inside, but it will also be very healing because you will finally release this negativity.

Loss of money, or you will need also to spend more time and money on, which will also be worth spending that much money on at the end. You will change your goals. You will also realize that you are wasting your time and energy on what you have been currently doing, and you will move on to other things. When you start on something new, you will have less resources because it is like start fresh again. You will need to put in more effort to grow this new project or place.

In April, don’t be petty. Don’t retaliate against any idiot. They will get what they deserve and you will have the last laugh, boasting about it.

In May, there is a dramatic event. Anything that isn’t worth it, will disappear; and, anything worth it, will bloom and grow. Everything will be obvious. But you might be overdramatic, overreacting to the drama with strong emotions.

In June, you will be a completely different person. You know exactly what you need to do to attract the right things and people into your life.

In July, you will be softer, more nurturing, and motherly. You want to help others more.

In August, you will be questioning if your current career is the right one because you feel you deserve more money. It will be a self-discovery and an interest into new possibilities.

In September, you will be caught in the middle of something or between two other people’s bullshit.

In October, you will have issues with siblings and something with the past drama that has to do with your siblings.

In November, you will receive a new opportunity, which will piss a lot of people around you.

In December, something consistent will carry you into the next year. It will give you security and power, and you will feel more power, maybe even empower you to do bigger things.

You will analyze your identity about who you really are as well as what you really want to do. Routines, full-time job and career path, aligning with your life purpose.

Champagne Problems by Megan Trainor. You might encounter social problems at parties.

It sounds kind of accurate but who knows because I am just guessing about possible future events. Plus, it doesn’t take into consideration my Gemini Rising and Capricorn Moon. So, who knows what kind of affect that will have on this reading.


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