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Vital Steps Involved In Garage Door Hinge Repair

For all the minor repairs and fixes in your home, office and garage, you need not take help of a carpenter, plumber or a technical person. There are some tasks that require help from experts, while some are easy and can be done on your own as well. One such easy task is garage door hinge repair.

garage door hinge repair

This is not a dangerous task at all and if all proper steps and safety measures are taken care of then garage door hinge repair can be done easily without any sort of hassle. Repairing the hinge is necessary as without the repair the door might not work properly, and it can cause other damages too. Replacing a door hinge of your garage is quite similar to replacing the garage door rollers. So, if you have replaced a door roller before then you can replace a hinge too.

Below are the steps involved in garage door hinge repair

Step 1 – The first step in repairing the door hinge is to identify which hinge needs to be replaced. A garage door has at least three or more hinges and so in order to repair and replace a hinge, you must know which one is not functioning properly. Although it may seem very simple to do, but it is not so easy. To determine that, you must first look at the garage door from inside area and you will find the hinges located on the upper left side of the door and also on the upper right side and middle section. These hinges have unique names and numbering too for better identification. You must identify which hinge requires repair and then choose to repair or replace it. If you choose to replace the hinge, then you must buy it from a relevant store.

Step 2 – Make use of the electric garage opener to unplug the hinge. This will prevent a person from opening or closing the door during the process of garage door hinge repair.

Step 3 – it is best to repair a door hinge when the door is closed or partially opened. You must raise the door to a proper working height and then lock it in position with the help of locking pliers or a C-clamp which is secured to the door track placed under the door. If you perform the garage door hinge repair when the door is opened, then the spring tension is minimum, but you should support the door panel.

Step 4 – First remove all the nuts from the bolts of the hinge. It depends whether the door uses plastic or metal hinges. If it is made up of plastic, then they would have large, hex-head screws.

Step 5 – now slip the hinge of the bolts while tilting the hinge assembly in opposite direction to the door. This will remove the hinge from the door.

Step 6 – Now you must remove the roller from the hinge by removing the retaining clip. This is an important step in garage door hinge repair.

Step 7 – Now insert the roller shaft in the new hinge if you are replacing it and also the retaining clip must be placed back to its place. If you are using steel roller then put some lubricant on it.

Step 8 – tilt the hinge assembly in a direction away from the door and insert the roller back into the door. Now slip the wheel in the track just as you did in Step 5 of garage door hinge repair. Put the hinge in the hinge bolts.

Step 9 – Replace the nuts of the hinge bolts and tighten them in place.

Step 10 – Make sure to remove the clamps or any other thing that you might have used to keep the door in its place.

These are the simple and safe steps for repairing garage door hinge.


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Written by Emma Smith