Saturday Backyard Work

Saturday, 6.26.21

It is now 5 pm, and I am tired from working in my small backyard. I woke up in the morning, and I noticed Gumby was out of canned food. So, I gave him some milk and treats as well as dry food. But he wanted moist can food for breakfast. While I ate my breakfast, he took his nap. Then, I changed my clothes to go to Albertsons. I bought cat canned food and a bag of litter. I noticed some people in Albertsons weren’t wearing masks. So, I took mine off. I think mask wearing is optional right now. I returned home and fed Gumby. 

I then decided to rake the backyard, which was filled with pine needles and other debris. I cleaned 99.9%, which looks good but not perfect anal clean. My bin got too heavy, and there is no doorway from the backyard to the front of the yard, which is stupid building feature. I couldn’t carry the huge bin over the wall. A young male college student was walking out, and I got him to help me carry it over the wall. I think next time, I will use smaller bags to fill outdoor debris so I am able to carry the bags to the garage and place the bags into the Green Bin. 

I ate my early dinner, as well as drinking water and Matcha Green Tea. I feel drained from outdoor work.


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