Quick And Easy Way To Make Your Own Enchanting Fairy Lantern

Fairies are the beautiful mystical creatures that all the girls love. This supernatural creature is common in the European folklore. They are described as having a human appearance with magical powers, and known for their little size. The butterfly wings are characteristic for them. The beauty of these creatures is present in a shape of decor. It is a great idea to make a lantern with trapped fairy inside! This pretty decoration will add dome fun to your room or backyard.

Add some mystic appearance and that magic vibe to your every day life! You can make a magic lantern by yourself. It is quick, cheap and easy. And you probably already have all the items that you need.

You will need:

  • A mason jar
  • Spray paint
  • Fairy Silhouette
  • black paper
  • light ( battery operated tea light or a candle, it’s up to you)

Start with the mason jar. Make sure it is clean and dry before you start with your work. Use spray paint to color the jar. You can use one or multiple colors to achieve the ombre look. Give it a light coat of color. The outside color is rather optional, it will make your lantern look nice through the day too.

Cut out a shape of fairy on a dark paper. You can use adhesive paper. Just make sure you choose the right shape so you can work with it easily. Stick the fairy shape to the wall of the jar. Make sure you find the proper position.

And at last, add some light. You can use  a battery operated tea light or a candle. When you light it, the beautiful fairy silhouette will become visible. And your decoration is done! It will bring that enchanting light into your house. And this is a great idea for a gift too!

Here are some more ideas for fairy lanterns!


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