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Getting Organized-January 2018 Summary

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

As I meditate on the first month of a brand new year, I think about everything that I have done so far and if it is relevant with my goals. It is now mid-January, and I have worked on getting organized, drawing my graphic novel, going on different local meetups, and enjoying a once a week ice skating excursion. I am making some progress, although I would like to make more progress.

  1. The New Year started out with letting go of the old in order to be ready for whatever is new in 2018. I am trying to think up of new and different ideas, path, or perspective. I started the New Year with a bob haircut and coloring my gray with henna.
  2. I need to draw 18 more pages, as well as the covers, for my graphic novel. I am slowly nearing completion, although I will also need to work on a script, write in the script, and reorganize the pages to make sure all the pages connect and flow.
  3. I am working on ignoring negativity by working out in the gym as well as staying productive and focused on my work.
  4. I also need to do my seasonal winter cleaning to de-clutter junk that I no longer need as I reorganize each room. I have already done some, but I think I need to do more organizing. I need to make sure everything has its specific place, and I need to make sure to put it there all the time because I often lose things by misplacing it elsewhere.
  5. I want to eat more raw vegan recipes, in which I have done few. I find that raw vegan food is good for detox. I am also more attentive to Gumby’s needs because he has turned 18, although he still looks and acts young for his age.
  6. One way to be more productive and get more done within a day is to think up the easiest and best way to do something, especially for housework.
  7. I need to take more action on my inspirations and sudden ideas.
  8. I have started the New Year with doing yoga at the gym, in which I haven’t since July. Occasionally, I will also use the stationary bike and treadmill, if I find one that works. I also plan to use energy lightbulbs as well as other energy-saving items for my home.
  9. I will also scavenge my surroundings to pick up new ideas, inspirations, and items that can somehow improve my current situation. This might involve going somewhere new and different as well as doing something unexpected for fresh new ideas.
  10. I also need to sleep earlier so that I can wake up very early, work on my graphic novel before going to yoga class at noon, as well as some evening meetups. I need to make my weekly meals and place in the refrigerator so that it will be ready for me when I need something.
  11. I need to write a daily checklist so that I do one task at a time. I need to slow down so that I don’t let everything on my list become overwhelming.
  12. I started the New Year with more walking and hiking groups in nature. One was a new path.
  13. I need to look for new opportunities around me to do something new and different.
  14. I also need to think outside the box for creative new ideas.


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