DIY Vacation

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

  1. Backyard Camping—set up a tent or tents, campfire or firepit, BBQ, roast vegan marshmallows, drink homemade drinks, and tell stories and jokes around a campfire at night. Play outdoor games at night in your backyard.
  2. Glamping—turn your home into a hotel, and relax in bed, eat breakfast in bed, dine in your living room using your favorite chinaware and silverware, and pamper yourself in your own spa. Enjoy tea and biscuits for lunch in your patio. Moreover, wake up early and do some yoga poses for an hour, before you enjoy breakfast in bed. Then, go outside for a walk or hike for at an hour or two. After lunch break, do your favorite creative activity, whether art, paint, draw, compute graphics, photography, etc. Then, give yourself a facial—which includes facial, face massage, and mask. Write about your day in your journal.
  3. Relax outside in a hammock and read an adventure book. Escape to a far away land through reading. Or, relax on your favorite chair or cushions and read your favorite magazine.
  4. Create your own movie theater or movie night, watch videos or home movies. Make homemade stovetop popcorn, smores, and/or sundae.
  5. Order takeout, and return home to make your own indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket and spread the food on the blanket. Watch TV or listen to music while eating. If only a couple at this picnic, why not light some candles or the fireplace for a little romantic picnic dining.


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