Building a House in Thailand on farm land – What you need to do?

When building a house on farm land in Thailand, you are always advised to build higher than the road level at your home.

So we decided to build the new house 1 meter above our ground level. The first step is to build a retaining wall to hold the Infill in place. We use double concrete blocks infilled with concrete and steel ever level to support each level we build.

We are going up 1 meter so we need to add more blocks.

We completed the blocks now we are adding a stair case in 2 sides.

Now we build a road into the plot and add the infill.

The last job now is to infill the plot and make it ready later to build on it will take  a while to settle the dirt.

Three hours later we are almost done – 35 tipper loads to infill the road and house plot.

To complete the plot we have 2 options – add water to compress the dirt or wait on heavy rain. When we will start the build we will show you photos and info how its done.

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