When the Cold War Ended – 35

Images of children taken in the 50s/60s and into the 70s whether from the U.S.S.R. or the U.S.A., showed slender active young people, their eyes bright.

These children grew up, knowing their country ‘depended’ on them.

By the mid 1970s it seemed evident that America and the Soviet Union were NOT going to war.  Both sides had too much to lose.

Sure, have mini-wars in Korea or Vietnam, or infiltrate this little country or underthrow the government of that country, but toe to toe U.S./U.S.S.R was NOT going to happen.

In America, this meant that ‘wasting’ money on educating the common person, or supplying first rate health care to nobodies was unnecessary.

It was not a quick jump from what was to what is.  In America it was done in slow, unnoticed steps.

First, ‘force’ breast feeding.  Although this seems a good idea, unless the mother is well nourished, where will the child get the necessary vitamins?


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