When the Cold War Ended – 17

The BBC World Service is an excellent example of dumbing down.   The broadcasts done from the 1950s to the 1990s were in depth news.  Full of information, explanation.

Today, the BBC World Service gives six minutes of news every hour and two minutes every half hour.

The reports are raced through, there is no emphasis, no clarity. If you cough you miss important facts.

The remaining fifty two  minutes of each hour is made up of ‘blah blah’.

I use the term to distinguish  pointless discussions about nothing particularly important by people who have no authority to do more than run their mouths.

The highly touted ‘Outlook’  for example, consists of interviews with someone you never heard of who did some minor act or was some side long witness to some event.

As is ‘standard’  the person ‘interviewed’ can not speak English.  Extra minutes are wasted hearing them begin their answer in their language, then the translator takes over.

The various blah blah programs are run numerous times during the day.  The same programs over and over again, then repeated in the following week.

This kind of blah blah doesn’t just waste time, it distracts.


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