When the Cold War Ended – 13

Since the Viet Nam war ended,.  America has been sending troops all over the world to engage in all sorts of involvements to  little note or protestation.  

This is because those born since 1970  couldn’t care less.

This is the famous ‘Me’ Generation which  cares about nothing but self.  They care about what they can push into their mouths, wear on their bodies, and use for status symbols.

This is not a problem. Since the Cold War ended there is no need for an intelligent active population.  

No need for slender, agile, clever young people who not only perceive flaws, but are articulate enough to describe them and have plans to correct them.What  is required  are overweight lazy people, with piles of neurosis, who can easily be manipulated.

From the belief that vaccinations cause autism, to flat earth theories,  here is a population lacking the mental acuity to catch the propaganda which targets them.


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