When the Cold War Ended – 12

Where the ‘Baby Boomers’ were involved in  political/social affairs; marching, protesting, willing to go to jail for what they believed, their children couldn’t care less.

This “Me” generation focused on their own pleasures, “Whatever”  became their basic response.  

Disinterested in what existed beyond their nose, they accepted explanations their government gave.

When the Draft into Military Service ended, one would assume  those who voluntarily joined had patriotic sympathies.


With poor education and little opportunity, those born in 1970/80 and their children born in the 90s, enter the military to get  benefits.

The Me and Millennial Generations have no respect for the military.  It is part of their ‘bi-polar’  (one of the most popular ‘mental illnesses’ ) mentality to see Veterans living on the street yet willingly join the military.


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Written by jaylar

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