Whackamolie – 4

Whackamolie could fly off for virtually nothing.  

She could repeat herself over and over saying nothing.  Getting the silent treatment didn’t matter.  Even walking away didn’t shut her up.

After a day, she might crawl back with some twisted explanation as if life came with an eraser.

Having experienced her performance previously,  I, like her ‘boyfriend’  locked my self into  a ‘bubble’ to keep her away from me.

Whacka’s ‘boyfriend’ ignored her as much as I did.  Sometimes he and I would talk.  If Whacka saw/heard she push between us, singing loud or, if she was on the phone, virtually shout into the receiver.

Her boyfriend and I  would look at each other and smirk.

There was no reason for discussion.    I knew he was getting his free maid and I was getting comic relief.


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Written by jaylar

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