Ways of Knowing

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People who supposedly like you, or are interested in you, won’t play games with you.  Good people with the best intentions for you won’t lead you on.  If they do, they are cowards.  They are not good people.  They are ego maniacs who just look to you for all the attention that their weak egos so desperately need.  If you meet someone like that, just know that they are cowards, and they do not deserve you.

They will only lead you on, and then tell your friends, that you are the one who is stalking them.  All of their friends will believe all the lies they say, all the gossip they create.

When you realize that everyone is talking smack about you behind your back, when you can see it in their eyes, that is when you know that they are planning to humiliate you in public.

I found out when I saw one of her friends, walking down the stairs.  She was at work.  As soon as she saw me the expression on her face changed.  She was laughing to herself.  I knew she was laughing at me.

I was planning on going out that night, to possibly run into the girl I had a crush on.  And yes, she was a girl, not a woman.  (I realize this now.)

I changed my mind.  As I walked out of the building I ran into an acquaintance of mine.  Thomas said hi to me.  He showed up because he was looking for me.  He walked me out, and he accompanied me back home.

I didn’t go out that night.  He lived near me, so we went in the same direction.  He saved me really.  He saved me from being humiliated by a girl I thought the world of.  She just wanted to make fun of me in front of all her friends.

I had a dream a week before that, but I didn’t think anything of it, until after that night.  My dream came to me as a warning.  Everything worked out in my favor.  She never realized why I didn’t show up that night.  I have my ways of knowing.  She completely underestimated me.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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