Wash Belly – 33

The ‘Great Mother’, Miranda,  was barely literate.  She held a number of menial jobs, where she spent most of her time.

Miranda never went to a P.T.A. meeting,  never much on educational materials, nor showed any interest.  If the law didn’t demand her grandsons remain in school until sixteen she’d have gotten them menial jobs at the age of twelve. .

The hated parents of Keith and Joey were  University graduates.   This was the main reason Keith and Joey shunned education.

Colin, their beloved Unca Col,  had spent his life making them hate their parents.  He invented stories,  filled their ears with clear lies.   Keith and Joey believed him.

When their father wanted to send them to a well known private school, they resisted. When their mother suggested a school with all sorts of activities,   they rejected the possibility.

To thwart their parents gave Keith and Joey pleasure.

They never considered what they were losing.


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Written by jaylar

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