Wack Jobs – Lucy – 8

If Lucy had two faces, it would be an improvement,  for she changes like the wind.  Lucy can be laughing with you, then turns into a pit bull.

She can be Miss Sweet and then Miss Bitter within a conversation.

What makes her so disgusting is that after she barks at you or does one of her  wack performances then will say;  “I love you..”

Lucy’s use of the word ‘love’ is so repulsive it would be nicer if she told you to drop dead.

Lucy is the phoniest person you will ever meet.  She can howl (she calls it singing)  while you are on the phone,  then tell you to turn down your news report which is not particulary loud.

To say she’s annoying is a compliment.

She has this sense of superiority which is amusing, considering reality. 


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Written by jaylar

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