Veranda Sitters – 4

When it comes to politics, one gets the best examples of Veranda Sitters.

Who ever is their r current Massa can do anything, say anything, and they will defend and explain it.  

They know no more than the guy sitting on the sidewalk picking maggots out of his foot, but they make their pronouncements as if privy to ‘secret’ or  prime information.

Stupid people listen to them, are fooled by them, and Veranda Sitters take the awe and deference as their due.

When their current Massa changes his mouth, does something totally unexpected, they get whiplash, then sprain their tongues trying to fit the new action into old patterns.

Seeing them post their  fingers off on Facebook is amusing when you know these are nothing but Veranda Sitters, seeking some kind of platform because in real life they are nobody.



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Written by jaylar

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