Veranda Sitters – 3

There are people in the ‘backroom’,  who are actually are present when a decision is taken.  It could be political, social, business;  it could be planning a march, a dance, a new product, anything.

These people actually know what and why and how and when.  They may make decisions based on variables only known in that backroom.

When the decision is implemented, those in that ‘backroom’ will either be silent on the quirky facts or have a particular spin they wish to put on it; i.e. as in the case of the non-showing bus.

The statement was that the children who came late were left, not that the bus didn’t show and the accompanyng parents loaded their cars with the kids who were present and drove off quickly because they couldn’t take another body.

Veranda Sitters, are not privy to the ‘secret’ information, but that doesn’t stop them from running their mouths with this attitude of certainty.


When it comes to politics, one gets the best examples of Veranda Sitters.



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