Unmasking of America – 20

What happened in America on the 6th of January was beyond expectation.

That a sitting President could dispute a proven honest election that he lost, ought have had Republicans reeling in horror.   After all, America has always put itself in the World View as a free country with free and fair elections, and political stability.

As this ‘image’ had always been important to America. Resentment or anger was bottled, and the loser always congratulated the winner.

Then came Donald Trump,  a person who ought never have been nominated, much less elected.  His childish, mentally unbalanced behaviour ought have had him impeached quickly.

This did not happen.

For a sitting President to order his mindless followers to assault the Capital would be expected from shabby ‘democracies’ where dictators fight to hold power.

Yet, this happened.

Now the world waits;

Will Joe Biden be sworn in without riot?   Will he be assassinated?

Will Donald Trump move off the public stage or cling to his fantasy?

The 20th of January has all eyes fixed on Washington D.C.   and all over the world, pop corn sales are booming.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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