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Uniques flags around the world.

Flags are the thing that represent each country, so maybe you don’t know anything about Japan but when you see their distinctive, red and white, flag immediately you know what country it is. Same goes for the Betsy Ross Flag with its thirteen stars in a circle of blue, many people know that it is an important and historic symbol for the United States.

All flags are different, even if some of them looks the exact same, they have different colors that represent important things for each country, and all of them are beautiful in their own unique way.

Today I’m going to show you some flags that are special.


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You just need to see the flag once to know why it’s so unique, this flag is the ONLY flag in the world that doesn’t have a rectangular shape, instead it looks more like two triangles.


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The old Libya’s flag was pretty minimalistic, as you can see it was only a green rectangle, so it was the only flag without insignia or other details. They changed it in 2011.


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This is the only flag in the world with a modern assault rifle, a AK-47, and it represent defense and vigilance.

Sicilian Flag

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This flag was adopted in 1282, and is a little bit creepy, as you can see there are three legs in the center of the flag, this legs are supposed to represent the corners of the island.


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This is the flag of the Dutch province of Friesland and I think this is the cutest flag, with all the red heart that are not really heart, they are supposed to be leaves of the yellow water-lily.

Do you know another unique flag? Leave it in the comments.


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Written by NattyShan