Trade Off- 14 – End

Over the past two years Marie had somewhat controlled her behaviour.  She did not often question Gavin,  tried to limit her speech to necessities.

On occasion, she did blast her rubbish to annoy him,  to gain attention.  He wore ear plugs. 

For Gavin, the future was simple.  Once he got himself ‘settled’  he would pack up and leave.  There was nothing in the flat, he wanted that wouldn’t fit into his backpack.

Pack and leave.

He wondered if he should inform the landlady… No.   It had to appear last minute.

He knew Marie would shout and cry and fling herself around, and give the Master Class in idiocracy.

Gavin had to plan his leaving perfectly to avoid Marie.

He had to have a place to go, and ‘The  evacuation’  needed to be planned.

 Until then, he’d stay in the room, on the computer,  and Marie would be his free maid service.



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Written by jaylar

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