“You never share with me!  You Keep it All Inside!”

Gavin shut off his ears at Marie’s bleat.   He’d heard it before.   He was facing the computer screen, entered an address, and was reading an article, Marie’s voice the sound of an air conditioner.

He didn’t reflect on her, the words, even the relationship.  He was engrossed in the article.

He wasn’t sure when she shut up or when she went to bed.   But he could give a lecture on Mansa Musa.

Gavin went to the bathroom, then to bed, pleased Marie knew to keep to her side and not touch him.

He found her repulsive.

The only reason he didn’t put her out with the trash is that she performed all household chores, from cooking to cleaning to ironing to shopping, for which he’d have to pay a maid.

The only thing he shared with Marie was the food he paid for and she bought and cooked.

At some point in his life, when he was ready, he would meet someone he wanted to be with.

Then he would hire Marie as a maid if his partner was agreed.


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Written by jaylar

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