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The world of Photography is quite dynamic. In the last couple of decades, it has evolved so much that almost everyone now has access to a camera. The ways of storing and preserving photographs have also increased and improved. Unfortunately, most of the photographs that people take remain confined to digital spaces and are never published to be shared with the world. This is why creating a photo book is such a great idea. If you are thinking of creating customized photo books, but you do not know where to start, below is a rundown of some top photo book ideas that you can rely on to get started.

1. Annual Yearbook

Your year is always full of activities, and indeed, a lot can happen in just one year. You can get photos of the major events you have engaged in throughout the year and use them to create a photo book. You can include your birthday photos, vacation photos, reunion photos, and graduation photos, among others. You may even have most of your beautiful photos uploaded to your social media accounts. Good thing, you can use Printed Memories to instantly turn your favorite social media photos into a photo book. In a nutshell, think of all the milestone photos you have taken throughout the year, and you will realize that you can end up with several great customized photo books every year.

2. A Photo a day

Are you undertaking a project that is developing or changing rapidly? Why not take its photos every day? See what changes are occurring and tell a story about it is a photo book.

3. Baby Photo Books

Babies are adorable creatures, and watching them grow is a beautiful thing to capture. If you are expecting to have a baby or you already have one, there is a lot about them that you can capture in photographs and create an excellent photo book. For instance, you can have a photo book about your baby’s family story, birth story, letters from mum, and much more.

4. Travel Photo Book

If you travel a lot, then you have a lot of stories you can tell about your trips. The best way to do this would be to capture your journeys in pictures and then use the photos to create a custom photo book. Creating a photo book will enable you to tell your story more vividly to capture the imagination of the people who will be viewing it.

5. Seasons

The world around you is always changing from one month to the next and from season to season. Why not capture these spectacular natural changes with photos of the same vista, garden, or tree in winter, spring, summer, and fall? These images can help you to create a stunning photo book for your coffee table.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that although the digital era has provided us with a plethora of photo storage and preservation technologies, photo books are still fashionable. If you would like to start creating custom photo books, but you do not know where to start, you can borrow from the above-discussed photo book ideas to get started. With Mixbook, creating photo books is easy and fun. Their platform has lots of templates and great editor tools that you can make use of to create a unique photo book. Besides, their platform is easy to use, and you can comfortably create excellent customized photo books even if you are doing it for your first time. Get in touch with Mixbook today for more information about their products and services.


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