Tired of Waiting

“Let’s go!”  I said.

The Captain glanced at me a moment, then started the engine and we pulled away from the dock.  I looked back to see if Hannah was there, but she wasn’t.

I shut off my cell phone, and  turned  to the sea, to the experience.

I felt no guilt, no sorrow, it was as it was.   As it always Was.

I enjoyed my boat ride, the views, and reached the pier just before sundown.   I got a lift home.   

It was after my shower, my meal, my relaxing few moments, I turned on my cell phone to see a slurry of messages from Hannah.

I called her.

“Why didn’t you wait?  I was only fifteen minutes late…”  she whined.

That was a lie, for we pulled from the pier at 9:15, and I had looked back.   She probably rode in at 9:30 or whenever.

“The Captain had a schedule.  He told us that… remember? ”   I said as if I were a child.

She whined and babbled; I didn’t listen.   Hannah’s mouth was a bank of lies.  She lied about everything, just as she was always late.

I cut the call, and reflected on a few bits of the past.

Hannah’s “I’ll be there in ten minutes”  was closer to an hour.    She said these things to exercise power and control.  For after all, if she was to arrive in  ten minutes you  could not go shopping, do laundry, do anything but wait.

I recall the first time I listened to her;  “Ten minutes” .   That was the last.

Yes, I had a fantastic time today.   Her not being there was a plus.


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Written by jaylar

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